learning from documenta

october 4th – 8th, 2017/ Athens School of Fine Arts/ Participating in  „learning from documenta – closing event“ with a statement:  „Voices in dialogue_ about documenta: facts and frictions?

LEARNING FROM DOCUMENTA is a two-year independent research project situated between anthropology and art, with collaborators across disciplines. It critically engages with the presence, impact and aftermath of documenta 14 in Athens.

The project is coordinated by Elpida Rikou and Eleana Yalouri. An initiative of TWIXTlab,with the academic support of the Athens School of Fine Arts, and the department of Social Anthropology and the Anthropological Research Laboratoryof Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

The aim of the event is to assess the research carried out by the Learning from documenta team so far, and to promote themes that arose throughout the staging of the exhibition and remain topical after its completion. The program is organized in two parts: the morning session includes workshops open to a limited number of participants; the evening session is open to anyone interested in participating in a variety of discussions between academics, artists and curators revolving around topics such as the relationships between international and local art institutions, their role in the shaping of cultural policies, the city as a source of inspiration and object of curating practices, ethnographic and community projects between art and anthropology, the reaction or rejection of documenta 14’s desire “to learn from Athens”, the interest in ancient and contemporary ruins from the international art scene, current approaches to and reworkings of the queer.

further information and program: http://learningfromdocumenta.org