mahalle meets stadtquartier

Mentor at PhD Colloquium of the “Mahalle Meets Stadquartier” programme, a 3-year international cooperation project funded by the DAAD programme ‘Hochschuldialog mit der islamischen Welt’ with the cities Rabat, Istanbul, Tehran and Berlin involved. The third PhD Colloquium is going to be held at Tehran, University of Tehran, from 23 to 30 September 2016. The aim of the programme is to provide a platform for inter-cultural dialogue and urban exchange on the potentiality and urgency of “the local”.

The project proposes to initiate a scientific dialogue about similarities, differences and cultural specificities and traditions associated with “neighbourhood“ as a situated and dynamic sociospatial-cultural construct.  As the third PhD Colloquium of this project, which  will be hosted by the University of Tehran  aims to bring together distinguished scholars and selected PhD students from the partner countries to present their research, exchange their academic experience, discusstopics of interest, reflect on thematic concepts of the program, and benefit from its scholastic capacity.

City-based groups of PhD students will  present  and discuss their research projects on  “neighbourhood” /mahalle.