multimodale ethnography

Participating in the networking event of Anthropology beyond text? Experiments, devices and platforms of multimodal ethnographic practice (22-23 July, 2021). Organized by Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology. IfEE, HU Berlin

„An invitation to open up and/or continue ongoing conversations about the modes, venues and perspectives for an anthropology ‘beyond text‘ in the Germanspeaking area across the “Ethnologie – Europäische Ethnologie” divide (or, rather,continuum). We are particularly interested in the proliferation of experiments, devices and platforms of multimodal ethnographic practices. By this, we refer to ethnographic practices that aim to unsettle writing and reading as privileged and exclusive modes of anthropological knowledge production. We would like to create conditions to exchange on our different approaches and to ask how working in these areas might entail a retooling of ethnography, creating new “fieldwork devices” (Criado & Estalella, 2018) and enabling distinct inventive and interventive approaches.“

A video summery of the workshop is coming soon!!!