opening school social design

Welcome to the Opening School Focus Week. 

After the Urbanize festival, the next step in this new semester are the focus days organised by us, the advisory board of Social Design: Giulia Zonca & Dorota Slazakowska (IHCRA / DUO ZS), Pablo Calderón Salazar and Kathrin Wildner.

We have planned a series of assemblies and discussions, exercises and excursions to start  the new semester in the Social Design SD Studio of die angewandte, Wien as an OPENING SCHOOL, a moment to reflect on who we are, what we do and where we are. We believe this can help you kick-start the year in the best possible way and take the most advantage of the possibilities within the Studio.

We would love to have as many participants as possible, to get the feeling of the SD group with both „old“ and „new“ students and alumni. We organised the opening school in three parts (who, what and where), each taking place in one day; you could see these as three different aspects for situating yourselves within the studio.