the sound of moorfleet

As part of the SUMMER STUDIO  „THE RURAL IN THE CITY“ (HafenCity University Hamburg, July 24-31, 2016) Kathrin Wildner provides a research unit on sound and landscape.

Even though urban as well as rural spaces are strongly characterized and shaped by their sounds, there are not very many studies exploring the acoustic environment of the areas and zones where the rural and the urban blend and commingle.

In the 1980´s R. Murray Schafer states that every space has a specific soundscape. Sound is a hinge connecting the individual and the environment, the social and the spatial.

Focusing on sound as a tool of research, we try to comprehend the rural in the city as acoustic manifestations of specific spatial contexts. Exploring aural architectures and acoustic arenas of the area in Moorfleet, we might come closer to experience processes and practices that characterize, imagine, narrate and create the rural in the city.