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17/5/2019/   Talk and excercise at workshop: Urban Crisis-Scapes: On Walks and Ruins/ University of Amsterdam Library ///  The workshop will focus on city-scapes that have recently been radically reconfigured through pervasive frameworks of crisis – financial, political, humanitarian etc. We want to explore alternative experiences of urban space, new artistic imaginaries, and innovative cultural initiatives emerging from such urban crisis-scapes by centering on two distinct but interrelated thematic lines Walks and Ruins.

Being an urban ethnographer, walking is one of the central methodological instrument of my urban explorations. Following on from moments of promenadology and derivé, I understand walking as an everyday activity, an instrument of knowledge production as well as a resistant practice. Walking, however, in this case is not only directed by the gaze, but as well by the body and the senses, in order to track down materialities and conditions of the urban space beyond the familiar views. For the workshop I will prepare a walking instruction as a guideline for a try out in Amsterdam. The exercise will be framed by an introduction on walking as an instrument for ethnographic research and a collective reflection on the walking experiences.

Urban Crisis-Scapes: On Walks and Ruins //// May 15-17, 2019 .

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