performing citizenship 02

bodies & materials, agencies & spaces, limitations & interventions /// international conference 2.-4-11-2016 at Fundus Forschungstheater Hamburg /// Panel 02_The City and (urban) spces of Citizenship. Spaces of Citizenship emerge out of manifold acts and practices through which diverse protagonists implement new relations between city and citizenship. These protagonists often are active constituents in public debates while challenging governmental institutions and claiming a right to the city. But as much as the city is constructed by such social processes, it is a shaped by ephemeral spaces and non-visual expressions of diverse communities. Which (everyday and cultural) practices can strengthen these articulations as participation and representation? What are the possibilities, challenges and limits of these acts and practices?How do they constitute urban spaces?  Can artistic means contribute to create and maintain new (urban) spaces that allow for a critical articulation of citizenship in the city? Inputs by Sergio Ramayo, Micahel Ziehl, Elke Krasny, Katharina Kellermann, Moderation by Kathrin Wildner. download complete conference programme