politics of learning

Roundtable at Panteion University, Athens /// Thursday 15th of April  2017, 6 pm /// The roundtable is part of  Learning from documenta – Athens Arts Obervatory, a research project situated between anthropology, art and the media and interested in the move of part of the international contemporary art exhibition documenta 14 to Athens in 2017.

Learning from Documenta is a research project which aims at critically observing and discussing aspects of documenta’s presence in Athens with reference to other artistic, economic and sociopolitical developments in Greece and internationally.

It has four main sections: 1) anthropological research through participant observation focused on documenta 14; 2) academic collaboration locally and internationally; 3) artistic interventions; 4) a platform where the research will be made accessible through the media.http://learningfromdocumenta.org

//// Thursday 15th of April 6 pm////

Roundtable: politics of learning with  Glykeria Stathopoulou, Areti Adamopoulou, Nayia Yiakoumaki and  Kathrin Wildner