talk about the walk

Tempelhof Field, diagram by Fritz Schlüter

In the context of THE KNOT in June 2010 I did a sound walk at Oderstraße along the line of the fence which encloses the former Tempelhof airport. With Fritz Schlüter I talked about our listening experiences. We asked ourselves if the fence may act as a sonic border and what – in general – a border sounds like.

Wildner, Kathrin; Schlüter, Fritz: Talk about the walk. Soundwalk at the Tempelhof Field. Published in: Bader, Markus; Baurhenn, Oliver; Szreder, Kuba; Voinea, Raluca; Koch, Katharina (eds.) (2011): The KNOT. An Experiment on Collaborative Art in Public Urban Space. Berlin: Jovis Verlag, p. 158–160. ISBN 978-3-86859-115-6

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