transnationality of cities

The Transnationality of Cities. 

International Conference at the graduate program »Transnational Spaces«.

3rd — 5th December 2009. Europa- Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder.

Cities are appropriate sites for an examination of the spatial dimension of transnationality. This is where global processes are concentrated, localized and become transformed and materialize in physical space. In most recent studies on transnationality categories of space are acknowledged in basic terms like ‚bifocality‘ and ‚here and there‘, they are generally examined focussing on social networks, but not with regard to the (material, social or discursive) constitution of space.

The conference focuses on the manifestation of transnationality in cities, on the physical transformation of spaces as arenas for transnational actors and transborder activities, on social spaces where social and economic networks intertwine or on narrative and discursive spaces created by cultural production or the media. The significance of migration, global economies as well as everyday practices for current urban transformation processes is emphasized. Urban space is not a setting for transnational practices but a constituent force of transnationality in all its guises.

How are urban spaces affected, transformed, connected by transnational processes and created anew?

How do transnational activities – actors, institutions, economic networks – relate to and manifest themselves in urban space?

In what ways do transnational flows of knowledge and political concepts, global power relations and the interconnectedness of political actors affect models of urban governance?

The questions posed at this “transdisciplinary” conference focus – both on a theoretical  and on a methodological level – on the significance of transnational flows for the production of urban space. The panels include a variety of perspectives, focussing on flows of ideas, discourses and objects and their local manifestations.


Keynotes on Transnationalism

Prof. Dr. Stefan Krätke

European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder


 Prof. Dipl.Ing. em. Hans Harms (London/Berlin)

Cities of the South in the Context of Transnational Urbanism and International Development Policies

 Prof. Dr. John Eade (Roehampton University, London)

The Return of the Local? Transnationalism, Translocalism and Religion in the Global City

 Friday, 4.12.2009

 Transnational Urban Spaces — Cultural Reper toires and Everyday Practices

Moderation: Dr. Kathrin Wildner, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt /Oder

 Dr. Martijn Oosterbaan (Utrecht University)

Transnational Brazilian Evangelism and Media


Dr. Kerstin Pinther (Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main)

Migration, Architecture and Transnational Spaces


Prof. Dr. Faranak Miraftab (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Emergent Transnational Spaces: Meat, Sweat and Global (re)Production in the Heartland


Dr. Clara Irazábal (Columbia University, New York)

Transnational Planning:  Reconfiguring Spaces and Institutions


Urban Governance Models

Moderation: Dr. Stephan Lanz. European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

Prof. Dr. Katharyne Mitchell (University of Washington, Seattle)

From Moody´s to Compstat: Why Neoliberal Urban Governance Lives On


Dr. Richard Pithouse (Durban, South Africa)

Let’s Keep it Real (The Anti-Politics of Most Attempts at Global Solidarity)


Prof. Dr. Roger Keil (York University, Toronto)

Transnational Urban Political Ecology: Health, Environment and Infrastructure in the Unbounded City


Prof. Dr. Marcelo Lopes de Souza (University of Rio de Janeiro)

Challenging Heteronomonous Power in a Globalised World: Insurgent Spatial

Practices, Militant Particularism’ and Multiscalarity



Saturday, 5.12.2009

Localizing Global Value Chains in Global / Globalizing Cities

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Stefan Krätke European University Viadrina


Michael Hoyler

Loughborough University, Leicestershire

Spaces and Networks of Musical Creativity and Music Production in the City


Dr. Sandra Alarcón (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City)

Tianguis Global – Transnational Connections between Mexico City and Los Angeles


Prof. Dr. Christof Parnreiter (University of Hamburg)

Global City Formation, Real Estate Economy and the Transnationalization of Urban Spaces


1.00 pm – 3.00 pm

Final Discussion: The Transnationality of Cities


Prof. Dr. Margit Mayer (Free University of Berlin)

Prof. Dr. Schiffauer (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder)