transcorner – intimate strangers

Soundworkshop //// 15 – 17. Juni 2018  //// fux kaserne Hamburg with Kathrin Wildner / metroZones and Shkoon // 

What do you hear? What is the sound of the neighborhood? What is the rythm of each part of the city? Which sounds do you miss? What is the sound of Intimate Strangers? What sounds in daily life are near but remain invisible?Familiar noises, strange sounds?

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The city sings, sums, annoys with it‘s constant sounds and rumblings: each space is marked bei specific soundscapes or noise environment. Sounds, voices, summing, bangs, form daily compositions, which we often forget but still influence our behavior. Sound is an union piece between what is physical, social and our environment. Even tough it is a fleeting element which creeps into our perception, sound refers to a special use of space, rules and structures, but also socio-spacial conflicts. Acoustic interventions can on the other hand be used as strategies to change the perception of space, create a forum for
other ways of being together and create new spaces in which being neighbors. We invite you to create acoustic interventions from the sounds of our city, which would knock these rules, structures and habits over: we want to create music from our streets.
Each neighborhood has its own sounds, is a resonance room with its own compositions and soundscapes. In the workshop we will explore, document and record sounds of the Veddel, Altona and Wilhelmsburg. We will go for soundwalks and exchange about what we hear. We will collect sounds and noises, we will play our samples for each others, before we use them to create music pieces, that we will then play in the public space during the TRANSCORNER WALK.
Feel like wanting to groove our streets with us?

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