voice observatory

April 13st, 19:00. The Sound of Global Prayers – Research on urban soundscapes. Lecture by  Kathrin Wildner at Errant Bodies Project Space for Sound Art, Berlin, Kollwitzstrasse 97, 10435 Berlin. Urban spaces are composed by contradictions, transformations, and processes of negotiation. Listening to the sound, its performative aspects and its effects on urban spaces enables us to understand and experience the city. In this lecture I will present examples on how sonic religious expressions and manifestations shaping urban soundscapes and how urban space is produced through sound.

The lecture is part of the Voice Oberservatory.  A project which is imagined as a laboratory of investigation into phenomena related to the voice in its acoustic, informative, performative, and socio-political dimensions. ‘The Voice Observatory’ brings into a common platform sound installations, theoretical presentations, panel discussions, and performances. The general aim of this project is to create a space in which old and new hypotheses, artistic works, and theoretical concepts related to the voice can enter into a productive dialogue.