kairo soundscape – listening excercise

American University in Cairo (AUC) /  CMRS /Sunday March / 18th / 5 pm – 7.40 pm

At the  Center for Migration and Refugee Studies (CMRS) Kathrin Wildner will lecture  on  „Urban soundscapes. Using sound as a research method“  in the scope of the course „Research methods with migrants and refugees“ ccoordinated and organized by  Gerda Heck at the AUC.

  • About urban soundscapes –  concepts and approaches
  • Imagening  historic soundscapes of Cairo
  • What is the aural architecture of the AUC Campus at the Tahir Square ?
  • Are there acoustic arenas? Is there an acoustic  presence of a migration?
  • Make a Soundwalk  
  • What did you hear? – Talk about  the sound and  the city